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What are the differences between test and live keys?
What are the differences between test and live keys?
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PayMongo authenticates API calls with the use of keys. These keys will be found on the developers tab of your dashboard.

When signing up for an account, you are given test keys which you can use immediately to test out our API and integrate our solution with your application while waiting for activation. Please note that test keys are for testing only, this will not accept real payments.

Once your PayMongo account has been activated, you may be able to access your live keys. These keys will allow you to accept real payments. To access these keys, you simply need to toggle on the 'view live data' switch on the bottom left of your screen.

🚨 Please ensure that you have switched to your live keys during production to allow acceptance of real payments. Always remember to keep your Secret Key safe to protect your account 🚨

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