Buy Now, Pay Later via Atome is now available on Links, Pages, Shopify, and API. πŸ‘€

Atome automatically splits your customer's bill into 3 equal payments with no interest (fixed) once they check out and click on Atome as their preferred payment method. They'll pay the first payment at the point of purchase. The next two payments will be spread 30 days apart!

  1. After reviewing and confirming the payment breakdown, they can now click on "Pay using Atome" where they will be redirected to a different check-out page. From there, they just have to log in and input their OTPs.

  2. Tick off the T&Cs to Atome's Loan Agreement and click "Confirm Payment"

That's it! After the first payment, you can head on over to your dashboard and it should already show up as completely paid.

Here's what it looks like from your customer's point of view:

If you are a merchant who wants to integrate this payment method into your website, head on over to our developer docs to start accepting Atome payments:

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