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What is the PayMongo Merchant Referral Program?
What is the PayMongo Merchant Referral Program?

This includes the mechanics and FAQs regarding our referral program

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This is the official referral program of PayMongo to award its merchants upon successful referral.

What is the mechanics of the program?

PayMongo merchant will get Php 1,000 for every successful referral while his or her referee (friend) will receive 1 month of FREE rates.

What are the steps in referring a friend?

  1. Copy your merchant referral code from the PayMongo dashboard (Home tab) or from the email we sent you.

  2. Ask your friend to sign up with PayMongo and input your referral code in the "referral code" field on the signup page.

  3. Your friend will automatically get 1 month of FREE rates upon activation.

  4. Once your friend has 3 successful transactions, you will receive Php 1,000.

Up to how many friends can a PayMongo merchant refer?

There is no maximum limit as to the number of referrals.

Are there additional benefits if I will refer a lot of my friends?

For every 10 successful referrals with at least 3 successful transactions each, you will get 1 month of FREE rates!

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