PayMongo Treasury Requirements
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PayMongo Treasury is currently available for API users only. Developer resource is needed.

Step 1:

First, fill out the Treasury Interest Form. Share a description of your business and what you intend to use PayMongo Treasury for, so we can help find the best solution for you.

Make sure that your business is not part of the prohibited businesses list.

You may see a list of restricted and prohibited businesses here. Our Onboarding team may request additional documents depending on your business.

Step 2:

Then, you will need to create an account on our website by entering your basic information such as your email, name, contact number, and password. You will receive a verification email immediately after submitting.

Before you can proceed to your dashboard, you have to verify your email first! This is to make sure that you have access to the email in order to receive KYC questions, early access emails, and a lot more. 👀

The confirmation email should look something like this:

Clicking on the button will automatically verify your email address. There's no need to reply to the confirmation email.

Once verified, you will be redirected to the activation page where you will submit your documents. ( The process for activation usually takes up to 14 business days upon submission of all required documents.

Didn't receive the confirmation email? You can request to resend the email by clicking this button!

Step 3:

Make sure your account is activated and enabled before you integrate PayMongo Treasury. This ensures that you have access to your API keys.

Step 4:

Our team will then share with you a memorandum of agreement and data sharing agreement so your developers can start integrating PayMongo Treasury to your platforms.

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