After setting up your very own always-on payment page, you noticed that there are things that you'd like to change.

Don't fret about it! We can for sure process those modifications for you. 🥳

Go to your Page Dashboard and click on the specific page that you'd like to update.

For your reference, here is the list of things that can be modified through the Page Dashboard directly:

  1. Page Slug: The unique URL address of the page. e.g. my-page (

  2. Amount in your Page: (fixed or variable) If the page will have a fixed amount or give the ability for your customers to input the amount.

  3. Page Logo: Top Image of the page (preferably square image, max of 2MB)

  4. Page Description: The main content of the page.

  5. Custom Fields - Delete or reorder your created field

You also have the option to delete your page permanently by clicking on the "Delete Page".

Fun Fact: We can also modify your QR code to reflect your modified page logo! 🎉

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