After setting up your very own always-on payment page, you noticed that there are things that you'd like to change.

Don't fret about it! We can for sure process those modifications for you. 🥳

For your reference, here is the list of things that can be modified:

  1. Amount in your Page: (fixed or variable) If the page will have a fixed amount or give the ability for your customers to input the amount.

    1. Fixed Amount: If fixed, let us know the price to be configured.

  2. Page Slug: The unique URL address of the page. e.g. my-page (

  3. Page Logo: Top Image of the page (preferably square image, max of 2MB)

  4. Page Title: Title of the page.

  5. Page Description: The main content of the page.

  6. Additional Custom Fields: Additional text fields that you may want.

Fun Fact: We can also modify your QR code to reflect your modified page logo! 🎉

Just answer the form located in your dashboard so we can manually edit them for you. Other than that you are all set, we will process them within 1-3 business days!

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