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How do I refund a payment?
How do I refund a payment?

Learn how to issue refunds, how long refunds can take to be issued, and more.

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PayMongo makes it possible for you to refund your customer’s payments in full, or a partial amount of the original charge. Please note that you will still be charged the transaction fee for refunded transactions.

Issue refunds from your PayMongo Dashboard

  1. Visit your Dashboard and go to Links or Payments

  2. Select the payment that you would like to refund

  3. Click the "Refund" button

  4. You will be asked to enter the following details:

    1. Full or Partial refund

    2. Reason for refund

    3. Additional note (you may use this for your reference)

Please take note:

  • Refunds for transactions that were already paid out to your account will be deducted from your next payout.

  • The "Note" section on the refund can only handle a maximum of 255 characters.

  • Eligibility of refund processing - can only be refunded within a specific amount of time from the date of payment

Mode of Payment

Eligibility of refund processing

Partial/Full Refunds

How long for the refund to reflect in your customer's account

Debit and Credit Card

60 days

Partial and full refunds

(Full refunds only for installment payments)

30 days


180 days

Partial and full refunds

within 24 hours


90 days

Partial and Full refunds

within 24 hours


12 months

Partial and Full refunds

within 24 hours

BPI Online Banking

30 days

Partial and full refunds

Upon request, at least 3 banking days


60 days

Partial and full refunds

within 24 hours


UBP Online Banking


No refunds


Please note:

Shopify users

  • Refunds can only be processed via the Shopify admin. The corresponding refund amount and status will also reflect on your PayMongo Dashboard in real-time.
    Click here for a short tutorial.

Maya refunds

  • Only full refunds are allowed for same-day refund. If a partial refund is needed, merchant can only file for a refund a day after the payment was made. You can file the partial refund as soon as 12:00 am hits the next day.

OTC refunds

  • PayMongo is unable to refund transactions made over-the-counter (7-Eleven, M Lhuillier, Cebuana).

If for any reason you are having trouble issuing refunds from your Dashboard, please send an email to [email protected] with the subject “REFUND - [Merchant Name]”.

NOTE: Once the refund has been initiated, there is no way of canceling the transfer.

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