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How do I refund WooCommerce/Magento transactions?
How do I refund WooCommerce/Magento transactions?

Learn how to process refunds when using our e-commerce plugins.

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Whenever you receive a refund request for a transaction made from WooCommerce/Magento, refunds can be done directly from your PayMongo Dashboard!

Here's the step-by-step process to process your refund:

  1. Visit your Dashboard

  2. Go to Links or Payments

  3. Select the payment that you would like to refund

  4. Click the "Refund" button

Do note that you still have to manually update the order status of the transaction in your WooCommerce Dashboard.

To learn more about how our refunds work, we've created an extensive article that you can refer to.

You can head on over to your Dashboard and try refunding your transactions. If you have more questions, don't be shy and ping us through [email protected]

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