Buy Now, Pay Later via BillEase is now available on our PayMongo APIs and our Shopify Plugin (Secure Payments via PayMongo). 👍

BillEase helps your customers by extending a credit line that can be repaid through varying installment plans! BillEase users can repay their loans via e-wallets, online banking, and/or OTC.

Here's how your customer can pay via BillEase

  1. Customer selects BillEase as their payment method – Your customers can choose to pay via BillEase on your website.

  2. Customer chooses an installment option – After account sign-in, BillEase users can choose their payment terms, down payment amount, and repayment frequency. First-time users can sign-up directly in just 5 mins!

  3. Customer reviews transaction details – Once the customer is satisfied with the terms, they can settle the downpayment to confirm the purchase.

  4. Purchase Successful! – Once a purchase is successful, the full payment amount will be credited to your PayMongo account.

Here's what it will look like from your customer's end:

When will PayMongo merchants get paid?

Similar to our other Buy Now Pay Later options, PayMongo merchants will get paid in full upon successful purchase. No need to wait for your customers' installment payments.

Installment options available on BillEase Standard Package

Watch out for additional BillEase installment options that will be available soon! 👀

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