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How can my customer pay me using UBP via Online Banking?
How can my customer pay me using UBP via Online Banking?

Learn how your customers can pay you through UBP via OB

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More payment methods = More customers.

Our second bank for PayMongo's Online Banking is now here! Online Banking via UBP is now available on PayMongo Links, Pages, API, and through Shopify. 👋

  1. Once the customer receives the payment link and verifies the amount to be paid, they can now click on Unionbank Online.

  2. They will be redirected to Unionbank Online's checkout page where they have to log in. This process will request the customer to key in their credentials and OTP to access their account.

  3. Before clicking 'Pay', a summary screen shows the merchant name, total amount, and reference number. To complete the transaction, UBP will ask for another OTP to authenticate the payment. That's it!

  4. You can now look at your payments to check on the transaction - it should already be tagged as paid. 👍

If ever there are issues with their payments, here are possible reasons why the transaction isn't pushing through:

  1. Insufficient Balance or Transaction Limit exceeded

  2. Login Issues

  3. OTP Issues

  4. Network Connection Issues

Other than that, it should be working smoothly! 👌

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