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How would a customer make a payment?
How would a customer make a payment?

Learn about the payment processes of each of our products.

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The process for paying will depend on the product that you will be using. Listed down below are the two products that we have and the process for paying with each option.


Please also take note that Maya e-wallet acceptance will be subject to separate approval by Maya.

  1. Send the link over to your customer either through text, email or social media (Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.)

  2. Once the customer receives and opens the link, they will be redirected to a PayMongo page (like the image above).

  3. From there, they will see the amount that they have to pay and the payment options available.

  4. The customer will then choose their preferred payment option.

  5. After selecting, they will just fill up the necessary information and pay either through a card, e-wallet, BillEase, direct online banking or by heading over to an over-the-counter branch to pay.


  1. Once you've set up your Page completely, you can either hyperlink it to your website or send the URL over to your customer. (We can also hook you up with QR codes)

  2. They can either pay the fixed amount or submit the amount requested (this would depend on how your page is set up!)

  3. Same with PayMongo Links, after choosing your preferred payment option, you'll just fill up all the necessary information and pay through a card, e-wallet, or over-the-counter.


The API was designed to allow you to build fully customizable payment experiences that you can use to process payments directly from within your website. While the whole payment flow will depend on you, we do require certain key information from your customer to make a payment.

  1. Input the following details: Card Number, Expiration Month, Expiration Year and CVC.

  2. Once this is input, they can click on “Pay Now” and the payment will go to your business.

For updated information on the API, please check out our documentation:

If you want to streamline your integration and save on developer resources, you can also explore our Checkout API which can be found here. Our Checkout API allows you to use our complete hosted checkout page so you don't have to build your own.

E-commerce plugins

You can install PayMongo on your Shopify, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, or Magento website with zero lines of code, using our plugins after your account has been activated.

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