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What is User Management?

Learn how you can add multiple users with different permissions and access per email address.

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We understand that managing a business alone is no easy feat. As your growth partner, we’d be happy to help you with that! 🌱

Introducing the new User Management feature which is easily accessible on your PayMongo dashboard. You can now invite your teammates to your company account and assign roles to make your workflow more efficient.

To start, let’s first define some important terms

  • 🧑‍💻 Account Owner – The person who created the PayMongo account. It is also an all-access account wherein certain settings can still be changed (ex: Bank Account details)

  • 🙋‍♂️ Team member – Any new user who is granted access by the account owner. Permissions would depend on which role group they’re granted access to.

  • 📝 Permission – A set of functions that an account owner or authorized assignee can grant to a new assignee.

An overview of Permissions

Before inviting a team member, it's best to lay out the permissions needed for your business’ internal workflow. Here’s a table summary of permissions that you can assign to your teammate.



Account Owner

Access to everything in the Dashboard


  • View all links

  • View all pages

  • View all payments

Manage Links

  • View all links

  • Create payment links

  • Archive & unarchive links

Manage Pages

  • View all pages

  • Create pages

  • Edit & delete pages

Refund & Contest dispute

  • View all payments

  • Issue refunds

  • Contest disputes


  • View & export payments

  • View & export payouts

  • View bank information

  • View reports overview


Access API keys & documentation

Manage users

View & manage members

View Security Logs

Assigning Team Members and Permissions

Inviting team members can be done easily through the dashboard. Simply click on Team members under the Setting tab. From there, click on the Add team member button.

Upon clicking, you'll receive an invite form. Simply fill out the required details and click Invite.

Your team member will then receive an email from us for them to proceed. Upon clicking Accept invite, they'll be asked to sign-up with an account.

Screenshot of the email sent to invited team members

You can also edit permission and delete team members by clicking on the ellipsis button to the right of the team member's row.

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