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Getting to know your User Management Dashboard
Getting to know your User Management Dashboard

Learn more about your user management dashboard

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Improve security, prevent unintended irreversible actions, and improve accountability. These are just some of the things that are in store for you through this dashboard!

As you continuously thrive in your industry, we understand that your headcount also increases alongside it. Having the same permission access as your employees may not be an ideal way of handling your account, that's why we've released the User Management and Tiered Access feature.

Through this feature, you'll be able to

  • View members and invites

  • Add members

  • Resend and Delete invites

  • Edit permissions and Delete members

Navigating through the Team Members Tab

Under the Settings Tab, a new section will be named 'Team Members'. There are two tabs available:

  1. Members List - Displays all the members of the team - contains each member's name, email address, and permissions.

  2. Invites List - Display all the invites sent out (excluding the accepted and deleted invites). Each invite's email address, Permissions, and Status

    1. Pending - The invited user has yet to accept the invite and has not yet expired.

    2. Expired - The user didn't accept the invite after 30 days.

Adding members

If you're the 'Account Owner' or given the access of 'Manage Users', you should be able to invite new members to create an account to access your dashboard. Let's start!

1. Through the 'Team Members' tab, click on the 'Add team member' located in the upper right-hand corner.

2. A new pop-up will ask for your additional user's email address and permission. We suggest you take your time in selecting the proper role given per user to prevent unintended irreversible actions.

3. If everything looks good from your end, click on 'Invite'. That's it! An invitation email is sent to the email you nominated. 👍

🤫 Quick Tip: You can mix and match the permissions to your users.

For example:

  1. Finance & Accounting - 'Export' and 'Refund & Contest Dispute'

  2. Customer Service & Support - 'View' and 'Manage'

  3. IT/Developer - 'View' and 'Develop'

  4. Owner/Management - All Access

Resend and Delete Invites

Are your users having a hard time locating the invite in their inbox or changed your mind about the recent invite you sent? Head on over to the Invites tab so you can proceed to resend and delete invites!

You can easily resend this by clicking on 'Re-send invite'. After successfully resending an invite, a pop-up will appear with the message 'Invitation sent'.

To delete, just click on 'Delete invite', once you've confirmed this, a pop-up will appear with the message 'Invitation deleted'.

Edit permissions and Delete member

Want to change permission given to your user or completely remove their access? In the Members tab, straight from your dashboard, you can edit and delete members!

Editing your member's permission or role is easy. Tick off permissions that you want to revoke and hit 'Update', you'll be asked to confirm this change. Once done, a pop-up will appear with the message '"Permissions updated'.

To delete a member, the user should enter the member's email address. If the input is correct, it will proceed to remove all of the permissions granted. This is so we can prevent accidental deletions.

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