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Getting to know your Payments Dashboard
Getting to know your Payments Dashboard

Manage and track all your payments through the Payments Dashboard.

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Want to know where you can find a list of all your payments? It's all available in your Payments Dashboard!

On this page, you'll see details for every transaction that you made. This will help you identify who transacted and the amount they paid in real-time. Do note that each transaction will have a unique ID or reference number and it would look something like this: pay_LgStXCp9cVJn549SDFMXyoyY

You can export this table into a CSV file by clicking "Export Payments" you can choose the time period that you'd want to include here as well.

Going back to the main view, each of these rows can be clicked to view more details. More importantly from here, you can refund your customer.

To refund a payment, you can click on a specific transaction and click on the "refund" button.

🤫 Quick Tip:

If you have a specific transaction in mind, you can utilize the search function located in the Links and Payments Tab! They slightly differ from each other but here are the list of things you can search for per tab:

Links Tab: Reference number

Payment Tab: Payment ID, description, e-mail address, or PayMongo Link reference number

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