Congratulations on all your successful transactions! Your next question might be: "When am I getting my payments in my bank account?"

You will be able to your upcoming remittances, as well as your payouts history in your Payouts Dashboard. Also, you can also generate payment reports for all your accounting needs. 🥳

Uh oh, I know it looks intimidating since it contains a lot of data but I know you'll get it!

On your left, you get to see your upcoming payouts together with all the deductions and adjustments - these include all the refunds, disputes, and the number of payments corresponding to those deductions.

Do note that Upcoming Payout refers to the payout that you'll receive in this week's payout schedule. Whereas, Future Payout refers to your payout the following week.

🤫 Quick Tip:

Upcoming Payout also refers to your refundable balance.

What's nice about the Payout History section is you get to click each payout to see a detailed version of it! We've even included columns that show the gross fees, net amount, fees, and withholding tax computation to help out with your accounting process.

I know what you are thinking, you want to learn more about the cut-off period (payments eligibility) and when you'll receive your payout. You can head on over to this article to learn more about it!

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