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Getting to know the Developers Dashboard
Getting to know the Developers Dashboard

Learn more about the Developers Dashboard.

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Calling all merchants! Let's set up your platform to receive online payments. πŸŽ‰

First things first, read through our API documentation. Developers and non-developers can take a look at the documentation as this site contains all of the resources and keys that you'll need to integrate your website or even your apps!

You can read about our available plugins (and our future plugins too shh) there too.

You might wonder why your account can only view Test API keys, we've heard that from several merchants. You can just toggle the button below to view your live keys.

🀫 Quick Tip:

You can quickly check if you are using the correct keys by checking the first 6 characters.

  • Live API Keys:

    • pk_live

    • sk_live

  • Test API Keys:

    • pk_test

    • sk_test

And lastly, as we continue to grow, we want to make sure that our merchants are equipped with the best features!

Keep your eyes open for the Updates section to make sure you are well informed on all of our released features.

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