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Can I save my customer's card for future transactions? (Card Vaulting)
Can I save my customer's card for future transactions? (Card Vaulting)

Learn more about the Save Card feature where you can securely store your customer's card details for future use!

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🀫 Quick Tip:

This feature is currently available for PayMongo API and/or Shopify Plugin users only.
​For API Users:
We need to onboard your account (whether you are planning to use our test keys or live keys) before your developers can start testing and integration. Kindly message [email protected] to request for onboarding.
​For Shopify Plugin Users:

The Save Card feature will be automatically available to eligible merchants who have integrated on Shopify.

To start off, let's first define some terms:
πŸ’» Vaulting - the process of saving card details into a software database

πŸ”’ Tokenization - the process of providing a safe reference number corresponding to the encrypted card details to be saved into the vault
With these, we can safely store your customer's card details for future reuse.

An example of how the Save Card feature (also known as Card Vaulting) can be used is when a customer wants to quickly pay for food orders over any of our food and beverage merchants. The merchant would request PayMongo to save their details. When the customer comes back and pays with the same email, PayMongo will be able to detect that this email has saved cards. This time, the customer has the option to reuse this card for a specific merchant.

Most of our merchants who are maximizing this feature are either in the food or delivery business and have customers frequently returning to their stores. But don't let this stop you! This feature can also be used even if your business does not fall under these two industries. πŸ‘

Curious about how to integrate this feature? Click the button below to get started!

Note: For API users, you would need to update your API to use this feature.

For Shopify plugin users, the feature will be automatically available for eligible merchants upon checkout.

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