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How do I customize the payment methods available on my PayMongo Page?
How do I customize the payment methods available on my PayMongo Page?

Learn how you can turn off/on certain payment methods through your Pages dashboard.

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Great news! You can now easily customize the payment methods on your PayMongo Page! 🌱

Simply follow the steps below to modify your current pages:

  1. In the Pages Dashboard, choose the Page that you want to modify

  2. Click on the pencil icon beside Accepted payment methods

  3. A list of available payment methods will appear. By default, all activated payment methods to your account are enabled. Simply uncheck the boxes of the payment methods that you'd like to turn off. Once done, click save.
    You might see some payment methods greyed out, this just means that it's not configured yet! You can reach out to [email protected] to learn more about this.

  4. Confirm the changes made by clicking on Yes, save changes and you're done!
    Do note that the ones tagged as disabled and greyed out are either payment methods you've ticked off or are disabled on an account level.

Here's a quick tip!

You can then verify if the payment method has been disabled by checking the available icons on accepted payment methods.

Feel free to customize each of your pages with different mixes of payment methods suited to your business! 👍

NOTE: You would need to have an existing page already in order to modify the payment methods available.

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