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Does PayMongo Support Multi-factor Authentication?
Does PayMongo Support Multi-factor Authentication?

Learn more about our new Multi-factor Authentication feature.

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Security is one of PayMongo's top priorities: keeping both merchants and customers safe from fraudulent and high-risk behaviors. So now, we've added the Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) feature on our platform to help keep your account secure! 🔒

You will now be prompted to prove your identity via Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) to gain access to the following features of your PayMongo dashboard:

  1. Dashboard Login

  2. Forgot your password feature

  3. Updating account details - change email, phone number, account password

  4. Updating of registered bank account details

Here's what the MFA prompt would look like when logging in to your dashboard:

  1. You would first need to input your account's email address and password then click on log in.

2. The MFA window would then appear, prompting you to input your OTP.

This is what the OTP email looks like:

⚠️ Note: You may request to resend the OTP after the countdown.

3. Once your OTP has been verified, a proceed to dashboard button would then appear, and you would now be able to access your PayMongo dashboard.

Here's what the MFA prompt would look like when changing an account detail on your settings dashboard:

If you'd like to activate this feature for your account, you can enable it via your settings!

Feel free to reach out to [email protected] if you're having any trouble with your Multi-factor Authentication! ✨

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