Payments can fail for a number of reasons. The most common causes of failed or declined payments are listed below.

For debit and credit card transactions:

1. Invalid card details

Kindly ensure that the details provided for the card are accurate.

2. Bank declines

Unfortunately, issuing banks have their own criteria on their acceptance of online payments which are also known to affect other payment providers. It is encouraged that your customer call their respective bank to allow the transaction to push through.

3. Failure to authenticate

For 3D secure authenticated cards, it may be required for your customers to input a OTP sent to them via SMS by their respective banks. Failure to do so will not allow the transaction to be authorized thus failing the payment.

4. Blocked by PayMongo's fraud and risk engine

To protect our merchants from fraud and high risk transactions, PayMongo has implemented a fraud and risk engine to detect fraudulent transactions.

For e-wallet transactions:

1. Invalid credentials or PIN
To pay using e-wallets such as GCash or GrabPay, your customer is required to input their account details and pin. Inability to do so would lead to a failed transaction.

2. Failure to authorize the transaction within 1 hour
Payment must be authorized within 1 hour, otherwise the payment will fail.

🚨 For failed transactions that were still deducted from their account, they should get their balance back automatically from their bank as it never reached our end. 🚨

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