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Getting to know the Disbursement Dashboard
Getting to know the Disbursement Dashboard

Learn how to use the disbursement feature

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Ever need to pay your suppliers, manage employee payroll, or send money to your customers? Disbursements allow you to send payments from your PayMongo account to your recipients' preferred bank accounts or e-wallets. Another great thing about this is there are no transaction fees!

Do take note that there is a disbursement request cut-off by Tuesday, 3 PM. If ever you missed the cut-off date, we'll process your request by next week. πŸš€

This is currently a per-request feature.

If you would like your account to be configured, please contact [email protected]

I. Navigating through the Disbursements Dashboard.

As soon as you're activated and accepted the new Terms and Conditions, you can request access the 'Disbursements Module' to [email protected]. Once activated there are two sections that you'll come across. On the left-hand side, you can see your running payout balance and the upcoming disbursement schedule!

  • Running payout balance: All the available payout balance that they can use for disbursements up to the specific time that they access the dashboard.

  • Upcoming disbursement schedule: When the request will be released.

On the right-hand side, you will be able to see all your previous requests created. The history list is composed of five (5) columns: Disbursement Name, Amount, Disbursement Date, No. of transactions, and Status. If you haven't made one yet, it'll be blank.

  • Disbursement Name: Name of the Disbursement Request

  • Amount: Amount

  • Disbursement Date: When the request was/will be released

  • No. of transactions: Number of recipients

  • Status: Request status

II. Creating a Disbursement Request

Welcome to the new and improved interface! This new interface allows you to create single/batch requests directly from your dashboard πŸ₯³

Follow these simple steps to start creating your disbursement requests. ο»ΏπŸ’°ο»Ώ

  1. Go to your disbursements dashboard, then click on "Create Disbursement"

  2. You could either fill out the blank fields under "Create Disbursement"

    • Disbursement Name - This serves as the request name of the disbursement (Filled out once per request)

    • Purpose - Drop down list wherein you select the purpose of the disbursement

    • Amount (Note: Your disbursement amount can't be higher than your Running payout balance)

    • Recipient Details - You can select from the previously saved disbursement recepient.

    • Bank - Bank of the recipient of the disbursement (including e-wallets)

    • Account Number - Account number of the recipient of the disbursement (Your phone number for e-wallets)

    • Account Name

    • Remarks - The only optional field. Can be a short description of the disbursement request

  3. Click on "Add" once done filling out the empty fields

    • For multiple disbursements, just fill out the empty fields under "Create Disbursement" again and click on "Add"

    • You can also upload via Excel template!

    • Once you are done adding all necessary information for the disbursement request, click on "Continue"

    • Don't forget to double-check all information under "Transactions" and "Disbursement Summary" before clicking "Continue"

  4. A pop-up will show a summary of the disbursement request. Click "Submit" to confirm the request.

  5. An OTP prompt will show. Input OTP as instructed and click on "Submit"

    • OTP will be sent to the Merchant's registered e-mail address under his/her PayMongo account.

    • OTP will have a maximum of 5 tries.

  6. Once OTP is successful, a pop-up will appear confirming that your request has been sent.

  7. You'll then be redirected to the disbursements dashboard, your recently added disbursement request can now be seen under "Disbursements History" and will be marked as "Pending".

As soon as the date reaches the upcoming disbursement schedule, your disbursement request should already change its status to in-transit.

III. Managing Recipients

Sending disbursements to specific accounts frequently? You can now easily add and save your recipient details! Just click on "Manage Recipients" and "Add a recipient".

You'll be asked to add the account name, bank, and account number. From there just click "Add recipient" and you are done!

You can follow this walkthrough so you can learn how to create disbursement requests all through your Dashboard. If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to [email protected] πŸ‘€

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