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How can I track my disbursement requests?
How can I track my disbursement requests?

Learn how you can track disbursement requests

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Once you've created multiple disbursement requests, you can view and track all your created request in the 'Disbursement Module'! 👀

Clicking on a specific disbursement request will lead you to a transaction list indicating the following:

  1. Disbursement Details: This shows the status of the disbursement request.

  2. Date Created: When the request was created.

  3. Disbursement Date: When the request was/will be released.

  4. Total disbursement: Total amount disbursed.

  5. Transfer fees: Amount needed to issue the transfer.

  6. Total Amount: Sum of the disbursement amount and the transfer fee

  7. Other Information: Total no. of transactions. & purpose of the disbursement.

  8. Transaction Breakdown: Composed of 6 columns: Status, Amount, Account name, Bank, Account Name, Remarks.

I. Disbursement Statuses

  • Pending: As soon as you successfully created a request. The status will automatically be updated to Pending.

  • In transit: Once the date reached the disbursement schedule, it will transition from Pending to In-transit. If ever you missed the cut-off date, we'll process your request by next week.

  • Returned: All the transactions under the request were returned. The amount requested will be returned to your payout balance.

  • Disbursed: All the transactions under the request were successfully deposited to your recipients.

  • Partially Disbursed: Some of the transactions were not successful. The disbursement request consists of multiple statuses i.e deposited, in transit, and returned.

II. Failed Disbursements

  1. Insufficient Balance

    1. If you have insufficient balance to cover up the amount you want to disburse.

  2. OTP Issues

    1. You are only given 5 attempts within 300 seconds to complete the OTP. If you have reached the maximum number of OTP attempts, you'll have to create a new request again.

  3. Returned Disbursement

    1. It is possible that there are discrepancies with the bank account you tried sending the amount to.


Here's an example of what your disbursements balance will look like if you received 3 payments with different clearing dates!

Payment Table:

After payment is received from the customer, it would take 0-3 business days for the payment to be cleared, depending on the mode of payment used.

  • Visa, MasterCard - 3 banking days

  • E-wallets and OTC - 2 banking days

  • Online Banking via BPI - Instant

If the payment became cleared by Wednesday to Tuesday (before 3PM), you can use the balance to disburse the payment to your employees/suppliers.

If you don’t create a disbursement request by Tuesday 3PM, the payout will be sent to your designated bank account.

Running Balance Table:

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