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How do I repay the loan I got from PayMongo Capital?
How do I repay the loan I got from PayMongo Capital?
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Since you are a PayMongo merchant, loan repayment is completely hassle-free! You don't need to worry about proactively initiating a loan repayment as long as you are transacting with PayMongo.

A certain percentage (%) of your sales on PayMongo will be automatically debited daily to repay the loan.

Here’s an example of how the loan repayment works:

What happens if my sales are not enough to repay the loan in time?

Don't worry about a day with lower sales than usual! When sales are lower than expected, loan repayment may take longer than the initially expected term. In such cases, there will be no late payment fees or penalties charged to the merchant. Auto-deductions towards loan repayments will continue until the outstanding balance has been fully paid.

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