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How can I activate QRPh on my account?
How can I activate QRPh on my account?

Learn how to activate the QRPh payment option to your PayMongo account.

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🀫 Quick Tip:

This feature is currently available for PayMongo Links, PayMongo Pages, PayMongo API, and/or Shopify Plugin users only.

For PayMongo Links and Pages users:

The "Scan to Pay" option for your customers will automatically displayed as a payment option to your customers if you use PayMongo Links. There's nothing else you need to do on your end. πŸ‘
All your existing PayMongo Pages are automatically configured to receive QR Ph payments. Should you wish to turn this feature off, you may click on the button below to learn how to configure your available payment methods.

For Shopify Plugin users:

Step 1: Log in to your Shopify admin account and go to settings.

Step 2: Go to Payments and click Secure Payments via PayMongo.

Step 3: Click Manage to choose QR Ph as an available payment option.

Step 4: Toggle the QR Ph option and click Save payment methods.

After following these steps, the Scan to Pay via QR Ph option will be automatically enabled upon checkout!

For PayMongo API users:

  1. Include 'qrph' under payment_method_allowed when creating a payment intent via POST /v1/payment_intents.

  2. Create a QRPH payment method via POST /v1/payment_methods. To do this, use 'qrph' as "type". When using 'qrph', you only need to provide the address, email, name and phone (optional) under billing.

  3. Attach the payment method to the created payment intent as normal (via POST /v1/payment_intents/:id/attach).

  4. Display the QR Ph code in your end. The QR Ph image is available on the /attach response under next_action.

  5. To determine if the QR Ph payment has already been paid, a webhook call will be made to the nominated, registered webhook endpoint subscribed to the payment.paid event.

  6. The QR Ph code will expire after 10 mins.

For PayMongo Checkout API users:

Add 'qrph' under payment_method_types when creating a checkout session via v1/checkout_sessions

Learn more about the QRPh Payment option by clicking on the button below! 🌱


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