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Payment Page Templates and Use Cases
Payment Page Templates and Use Cases

Take a look at our demo pages and use them as templates.

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Have you created a PayMongo Page yet? We created demo pages that you can take a look at if you are having a hard time conceptualizing. But hey, you can also make one from scratch to better fit your needs. πŸ‘

Use Case


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Events and Admission

Sell tickets and let your attendees pay for virtual (or physical) events or conferences.

Membership Sign-ups

Collect your organization's membership sign-up fees.


Generate sales for selling specific products or allow your customers to pay for any product that you are selling.

Booking and Accommodation

Let your clients book and pay for reservations, rentals, or tours.

Quick tip! Bombarding your page with unnecessary fields might ruin your customers' checkout experience. Keep it simple, clean, and frictionless. ✨

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