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List of available events or actions under Security Logs
List of available events or actions under Security Logs
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Here's the list of all possible categories and event/action names that you can view over at the Security Logs module:


Event/Action name


Created a link

Unarchived a link

Archived a link


Created a page

Edited a page URL

Edited a page URL

Edited a page type

Edited a page's products

Edited a page image

Edited a page description

Edited a page's custom fields

Edited a page's accepted payment methods

Deleted a page


Exported payments

*This is both via the payments module and reports overview

Refunded a payment


Exported payouts

Changed the payout generation schedule


Created a disbursement

Added a disbursements recipient
Edited a disbursements recipient

Deleted a disbursements recipient


Edited their user info

Edited their email

Changed their password

Edited the bank information

Team members

Invited a team member

Resent an invite

Deleted an invite

Edited a team member's permissions

Deleted a team member

Joined (accepted invite)

Joined (created organization)

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