Issuing refunds require a sufficient available payout balance to cover the refund amounts and their corresponding fees.

You can check how your available balance by going to the Payouts tab on your Dashboard as seen in the image below:

Refund attempts made with amounts larger than your current payout balance will result in an error as shown here:

Please note that only payments that are eligible for payout make up your current payout balance or Upcoming Payout. Kindly try the refund again once your account has a higher balance. 😊


Payment 1: 500 PHP - eligible for payout in 1 day
Payment 2: 100 PHP - eligible for payout in 2 days

To be able to partially refund Payment 1, you would have to wait for a day for it to become eligible for payout. To fully refund Payment 1, you would have to wait until your available funds could cover the 500 PHP transaction and its corresponding fees. In our case, we would have to wait for Payment 2 to be eligible which is in two days.

🀫 Quick Tip:

  • Upcoming Payout also refers to your refundable balance; and

  • Future Payout refers to your payout the following week.

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