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How do I refund GrabPay transactions?
How do I refund GrabPay transactions?
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If you are unable to refund GrabPay transactions on the PayMongo Dashboard, kindly send an e-mail to [email protected] with the subject "GrabPay refund - [Your Business Name]". Please include the payment IDs of the transactions to be refunded together with the respective reasons for the refund in your request.

You can find the payment ID of a transaction by going to the Payments tab of your Dashboard and clicking on the desired transaction as shown below:

Sample e-mail:

Subject: GrabPay refund - The Barkery


Hi PayMongo team!

I would like to request refunds for these transactions:

Reason: Out of stock

Reason: Customer initiated

🚨 GrabPay’s Dashboard for refund transactions has been buggy, affecting all payment gateways in the region, including PayMongo. 🚨

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