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What are the installment options available on BillEase?
What are the installment options available on BillEase?

Learn more about the different installment options that BillEase has to offer.

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BillEase offers several installment options for their users upon checkout (e.g. Pay later in 10 or 20 days, Pay monthly w/ interest) Transaction fees can vary depending on your customer's chosen installment option.

PayMongo merchants are automatically enrolled in our BillEase Standard Package upon account activation. All installment options in this package have a transaction fee of 1.5%.

Installment terms available on BillEase

Pay in 4 Installments:
Customers pay only 1/4 upfront and the rest in 3 payments every 2 weeks. 0% interest.

Pay in 4 installments + 0% interest:

Customers pay only 1/3 upfront and the rest over 3 months. 0% interest

If you'd like to be activated for one of the add-on installment options, kindly send a message to [email protected] ๐ŸŒฑ

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